How to Become a Video Game Tester and Get the Job of Your Dreams

Do you love video games? Would you love to get paid just for playing them and writing up your findings? If so, learning how to become a video game tester should be your first step. Hundreds of people around the world have the dream job of testing video games each day, and if you follow the steps below you can be one of the lucky ones as well.

Gain Experience

While it is not necessary to have an educational or work related background when trying to become a video game tester, it is best that you have plenty of skill and expertise when it comes to working various video game systems.

By proving that you have skills สล็อต and knowledge of all the different genres and styles of video games and systems, it will allow you to present stronger credentials for any job you apply for.

While it is possible for you to stick with one particular gaming system such as the PSP, you will be much more likely to be hired as a video game tester if you have experience in a wide range of systems. It also helps to be an avid fan of many different types of games. If you focus only on action based role playing games, then a position for another type of game testing may pass you by.

Build Contacts

The next step that should be taken when you are learning how to become a video game tester is to build contacts with those in the industry. Often, game testing positions are not widely advertised, and the only way to get such a position might be through direct contacts with individuals in the know.

Start emailing and calling various employers further down the ladder in an effort to gain their confidences and befriend them. Another wonderful way to build high quality contacts is by attending video game conferences and shows.

Put Yourself Out There

Even if you are unable to find open positions for a video game tester, you can always try to market yourself and put yourself out there for companies to notice. Be active in various video game forums, post ads offering your services on message boards and classified sites.

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